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Quantum Business Development has extensive knowledge and experience in Sales and Marketing, project and business finance, developing businesses and business strategy and supporting a diverse range of clients since 1992.

Our purpose is to use our creativity and search for knowledge to teach, inspire and arrange desired outcomes for others’  "this is what we live by”

Some of the roles we have played in our experience are General and Financial management, Project managing the roll-out of new products and services, opening new branch offices, restructuring programmes, creating and presenting Business skills and IT user training programmes, re-engineering consultancy and business process re-engineering, creating - establishing and rolling out franchises.

Quantum Business Development is working on projects excess of USD2billion in finance for projects and businesses throughout the world. Projects include cement factories, mines, housing and commercial real estate developments, large automated bakery, earth moving equipment, mortgage company, sulphuric acid plant, building supplies, Oil refinery, storage facilities, golf estates etc.

With extensive experience in business planning and the subsequent implementation thereof, we can look at almost any business then create practical solutions to increase sales, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, develop untapped markets and earn more revenue out of existing operations.

This includes systemising and implementing processes, business development and marketing strategies, workflows and efficient procedures to reduce costs and increase profitability and market penetration.

Our key personel or staff has completed Formal education including: BSc (Hons) Degree in Business Studies and N. Dip Mechanical Engineering. We are dedicated to continuous professional development and our staff has attended many courses and follows a rigorous self study programme. Subjects include: Accounting, Project Finance, Trade Finance, Project Management, Business planning/strategy, sales and marketing and more than 70 other topics.

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All you have to do is give us a call on +27 (0)11 822 6253 or email us addressing your business Issues.

  • African Growth and Expansion
  • Rapid Growth and Expansion in Africa
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