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QBD BOOTCAMP for The Ultimate Entrepreneur…

Is your business reaching its potential? In other words, are you making your desired sales with fewer expenses to worry about?

If you answered ‘no’ to this question then please read on…

“Learn Skill Techniques that will give you an Unfair Advantage Over 90% of Business Owners…”


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Are you a Business Owner, Manager, Marketer or Sales Person striving toward living your “ultimate life as an Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Superstar!”?

SHOCKING FACT: Did you know that over 90% of businesses opening their doors fail within 5 years? Of the remaining 10% another 90% will fail from year 5 – 10. Whow! This means that of 1000 businesses starting out, only 10 will be in business after 10 years. Now wouldn’t you want to be part of that remaining 10…?

Let me fill your heart with hype, excitement and show you why our powerful Boot Camp Business training will make you the ultimate Entrepreneur. It has the potential to alter the direction of your life and the way you do business forever.

For18 hours over 2 days, we will teach you explosive tools and proven techniques to create your own Business Growth Action Plan. If you are serious about creating real success in your life as an entrepreneur with more understanding and knowledge of business, sales and marketing than the majority of business owners across the globe then you will want to attend this Boot camp training.

This 2 day jam packed action seminar comes with 42 business techniques andworkbooks that are unique and are sure to skyrocket your business into a money making machine. With these techniques that have been developed over several years of industry experience, we will help you to develop a business growth action plan. We will also teach you 100 strategies on how you can implement the action plan immediately.

Why it will work for you

All businesses require 7 key elements to function but there is one key element any business needs to create and secure its existence and ultimate success. That one vital key element is… “Sorry, you’ll just have to wait till the Boot Camp, where I will tell you this one key element and I’ll even show you how work it, so it works your bottom line profits…”

An added value to the Boot Camp is the group workshop where you will share your experiences with other business owners. You will have the opportunity to network and building lifetime contacts.

If you register now we will give you the course at a special rate of R8.779 a huge discount from the normal R12, 779. Our classes comprise of 8 to 15 likeminded people for easy interaction and networking opportunities.

The next Bootcamp is scheduled for the 4th and 5th of April and this is part of monthly courses scheduled for the rest of the year.

We are so confident that this course will make a difference in your company that we assure you 30 day money back guarantee. If you look at similar offers on the market how many can offer guarantees or practical action plans that compel you to implement immediately?


One more thing, you can get yourself a 25% discount on your fee if you bring a business partner, colleague or friend. A shared experience is always more awesome than having to “tell” about it. 

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